4 Social Tips for Nerds

One area where nerds tend to have considerable difficulty in is that of interacting with others — you know, the social aspect of life. You tend to find that nerds have challenges making and keeping friends. You also tend to find that nerds have difficulties in having casual interactions with people. This occasionally leads some nerds into opting for reclusive lifestyles, and some eventually turn into hermits… Yet human beings are social creatures, and it is hard (if not impossible) for one to have a truly fulfilling life without having proper interactions with others. Against that background, we give some social tips that we feel would be useful to folks who consider themselves to be nerds:

  1. Don’t be too intense: For instance, you should desist from engaging in ‘serious’ talks (discussions on big important issues) all the time. Instead, you should focus more on small-talk and discussing petty day to day issues – which is what most people prefer. Further, as a nerd, you need to resist the temptation to always show off how much you know, and try to keep your conversations with others reasonably slow.
  2. Spare some time for social interactions: The temptation to spend all your time on your nerdy endeavors is very strong. But the truth is that the nerdy endeavors will never give you the fulfillment you would have gotten from social interactions. Even if you are trying to design a solid financial system to work exactly like the PrepaidCardStatus portal, you can surely still afford an hour or two each day to have fun with friends.
  3. Try to be friendly: If you make a conscious decision to be friendly to people, you can be sure that at least a few of them will reciprocate by being friendly to you. This would be the beginning of your new social life, as a nerd.
  4. Learn to live with put-downs: Whereas interacting with other people can give you considerable satisfaction, it also comes with its fair number of challenges. One of those is in the area of ‘put-downs’. This is where, for instance, some of the folks you interact with occasionally make snide remarks about you (or are outright rude to you, depending on their moods). You have to learn to live with these negative aspects of social interactions. It is the price you pay for having a social life.
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