For How Long Can You Finance a Nerdy Lifestyle Using a Target Gift Card?

Last month, I conducted an experiment where I sought to know for how long one can finance a nerdy lifestyle using a Target gift card. So to get the experiment going, I obtained a Target gift card with $50.

My first stop was the local bookshop – where I set out to buy a couple of books on coding and computer networking. I have tried studying these topics using the free online tutorials, and I don’t seem to be making much progress: hence the decision to try ‘real books’. As it turned out, the brand new books on sale at the bookshop would cost more money than I had in my gift card. So I had to go online, and try to buy used books on the topics there. I ended up ordering for 3 books (one on C++ programming, one on algorithms and one on IPV6 networking) at $10 each – setting me back a total of $30.

The next stop was at an electronics shop: where my objective was to buy a VGA cable for my projector. A nerd needs a projector to display his works, doesn’t he? This I was able to obtain easily, at the cost of $10.

Next I was at a computer accessories shop, seeking to buy an external hard disk for my computer. I was told that a refurbished external hard disk, with 500 GB capacity would cost me $10.

At this point, I decided to go online, to research on how to check your Target visa gift card balance online, which revealed that I would have to use the MyBalanceNow portal for the purpose. Upon checking the balance, I learnt that out of the $50 I had started out with, less than $7 was remaining – and I hadn’t yet paid for the hard disk! Apparently, though the books I bought earlier had cost me $30, I had also been charged a $3 shipping fee, leaving me with only $7. So I would have to find an extra $3 from somewhere, to be in a position to afford the external hard disk…

All these things happened within a span of 3 days.

So the findings from my experiment are that you can barely finance a nerdy lifestyle for 3 days using a $50 Target gift card!

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