How to Get a Nerdy Job at L Brands

So we start with the assumption that you are a nerd. And you want to get a job at L Brands. Preferably a job that is aligned with your personality – that is, a nerdy job. The question you are now grappling with is on how to actually get such a (nerdy) job at L brands.

The first step may be that of figuring out which specific type of nerdy job you wish to obtain at L Brands. See, L Brands is a big company that, at almost any given point in time, has lots of job openings which can be handled by nerds. Thus, for starters, just figure out what job you are in search of.

Having figured out what sort of nerdy job you wish to apply for, the next step would be to visit the ‘careers’ page on the L Brands corporate website, to see whether there are openings in that line. You should ideally develop a habit of visiting the L Brands careers portal regularly — and chances are that you would eventually find a opening that is aligned to your personality. Note that the L Brands careers portal is different from the L Brands associates portal – the one whose link you can obtain at The associates portal would become relevant to you once you get hired – at which point you would be using it to access your paystubs, work schedules, benefits info… and such other things. For now though, you should focus on the careers portal, where you can proceed to apply for whatever nerdy job openings happen to be there.

You may also need to network with other nerds who are already working at L Brands. They may then notify you of nerdy job openings that arise and get advertised internally, without necessarily being posted on the careers page.

You could also consider sending your CV proactively to L Brands HR. It will be treated as an unsolicited application for sure, but it may nonetheless be put in L Brands’ resumes database. And you may then be surprised (at a future date) with a phone call inviting you for a L Brands job interview…

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