My Interaction With L Brands Coding Nerds

Last month, I had a one hour interaction at the local pub with folks who claimed to be working in L Brands’ IT department. They specifically claimed to be coders, working for L Brands. They were playful folks, and I couldn’t tell for sure if that is where they worked. But because that is what they claimed, I took it to be true, in good faith. From their manner of speaking to the way they were dressed, I concluded that they were nerds. (In any event, by default, anyone who claims to be a serious coder should be assumed to be a nerd, unless proven otherwise).

At the time I joined the ‘L Brands coding nerds’ table, they were having a heated discussion on the aces login page – with one nerd being of the view that it was just right whilst the other one felt that it could do with a little more refinement. The gentleman who felt that it needed refinement put up some interesting arguments to support his view. What he had a problem with, for the most part, wasn’t the page’s functionality per se, but rather the page’s appearance. He felt that the page’s aesthetics weren’t good enough — that the page looked like something from the early 2000s. His companion, on the other hand, was of the view that in such sites, what matters is the functionality, not the aesthetics.

The L Brands coding nerds went on with their argument for a quite a few minutes, before finally ‘agreeing to disagree’. Their conversation then turned to drinks (and how the quality of vodka was falling with each passing year), before eventually turning to politics, specifically on the question of what it would take for an impeachment motion to go through. By this time, I had joined them fully, and I was impressed by the manner in which they were able to have logical and pleasant debates, in spite of having very divergent views. By the time we were leaving the bar, my perspective on several issues had changed – notwithstanding the fact that we hadn’t actually discussed anything serious.

Oh the joys of spending time with nerds.

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