Which Types of Jobs are Ideal for Nerds?

Some of the most ideal jobs for nerds include:

  1. Those that are mentally stimulating: The easiest way to bore a nerd is to put him in a ‘routine’ job that is not mentally stimulating. You have to understand that nerds are individuals who thrive on mental stimulation. This is to say that the ideal jobs for them are those that require some creativity, those that require some calculation, those that require some mental gymnastics – in a nutshell, mentally stimulating jobs.
  2. Those that entail direct application of book knowledge: It is important to appreciate that nerds tend to be ‘book-smart’ (as opposed to ‘street-smart’) individuals. It is a stereotype of course, but most nerds actually have no apologies to make for this state of affairs. But it does have implications in terms of which jobs are ideal for them. Jobs that entail the use of street-smarts – for instance, sales jobs, security jobs or customer service jobs — are unlikely to be ideal for them. But they are likely to thrive in positions that entail the direct application of book knowledge.
  3. Those that entail mostly working alone: Nerds tend to be individuals who struggle with social interactions. They tend to be generally shy individuals, with less than sterling social skills. This is another stereotype of course, but it tends to hold true in most cases. This means that if you put a nerd in a job that requires a lot of team work and social tact, you are unlikely to get the best output from him or her. For instance, trying to get a real nerd to work effectively as a GM dealer (through the GMGlobalConnect portal or otherwise) is likely to be a very tall order. Conversely, if you can get a nerd some sort of engineering job, or accountancy job, or software development job – work that entails mostly working/concentrating alone – the nerd is likely to thrive.
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